3 Best Top-Rated Commercial Construction Companies in Atlanta

Jun 8, 2024 | Atlanta Commercial Construction Contractors | 0 comments

Holder Construction, PulteGroup, and Gilbane Building Company top the list of commercial construction firms in Atlanta. Holder Construction impresses with a yearly revenue of $926.71 million and a diverse project portfolio. PulteGroup, known for innovation and rated as Atlanta's best construction company, offers competitive salaries. Finally, Gilbane Building Company, with a 2019 regional revenue of $1,006.08 million, is recognized for its commitment to quality and nurturing strong client relationships. As you investigate further, you'll understand why these companies rank as top choices for commercial construction in Atlanta.

Holder Construction: Industry Leader

innovative projects and expertise

When it comes to commercial construction, Holder Construction, boasting a whopping revenue of $926.71 million, clearly dominates the industry. As an industry leader, they've built an impeccable reputation since their establishment in 1984. Based in Atlanta, they're not just a top-rated company locally, but nationally.

You'll find Holder Construction in various sectors, from commercial and education to healthcare and hospitality. They even engage in industrial, infrastructure, and senior living projects. Their diverse portfolio showcases their commitment to serving a wide range of customer needs. Yearly, they complete over 40 projects, demonstrating their unparalleled efficiency and dedication to their craft.

Keith Johnson, the man overseeing operations, ensures every project is executed with excellence. Under his watch, client satisfaction isn't just a goal, it's a standard. His leadership has helped establish Holder Construction as a pillar of quality in the construction industry.

PulteGroup: Innovation and Excellence

While Holder Construction sets high standards in the commercial sector, it's PulteGroup that excels in the residential construction field, gaining recognition for its innovative and excellent practices. Known for its steadfast commitment to quality and expertise, this Atlanta-based company has carved out a strong niche in the home construction industry.

PulteGroup's approach to home construction is marked by innovation, ensuring that they're always at the forefront of industry advancements. Their excellence is reflected in their impressive Zippia Score of 4.8, ranking them as the #1 best construction company in Atlanta.

Here are key points to note about PulteGroup's operation:

  • PulteGroup's innovative practices keep them ahead in the competitive construction industry
  • They offer a range of job opportunities, catering to diverse skill sets
  • Competitive salaries make PulteGroup a desirable employer in the industry
  • Their high Zippia Score reflects their excellence in the field
  • PulteGroup's operations, projects, and achievements are detailed in PulteGroup Overview

Gilbane Building Company: Trust and Reliability

building trust through reliability

Delivering commercial construction services with a firm emphasis on trust and reliability, Gilbane Building Company has solidified a strong reputation in Atlanta's construction industry, boasting regional revenue of $1,006.08 million in 2019. As one of the top construction companies in Atlanta, they prioritize quality work and have a robust commitment to serving the Atlanta Business community.

Operating in a city known for its vibrant business district and high-rises, Gilbane's commercial construction prowess is evident. Their projects reflect their dedication to trust, reliability, and quality. They aren't just constructing buildings; they're building relationships with clients, stakeholders, and the community.

Gilbane, notwithstanding not being listed on Engineering News-Record's specific U.S. southeast list, remains a key player in Atlanta's construction industry. Their reputation isn't just about revenue; it's about consistent quality, reliability, and trust.

Here's a quick snapshot of Gilbane's standing in Atlanta:

Reputation Trust Reliability
Strong High High
Quality Work Consistent Dependable
Key Player Stakeholder Trust Client Confidence

Gilbane Building Company's unwavering commitment to these values puts them among Atlanta's top commercial construction companies.


There's simply no contest when it comes to Atlanta's commercial construction scene. Holder Construction, PulteGroup, and Gilbane Building Company are giants, towering over the competition. With their unparalleled blend of innovation, excellence, trust, and reliability, they're rewriting the playbook every day. These are not just companies, they're groundbreaking game-changers, spearheading an industry revolution right before our eyes. Truly, they're the titans of construction, the envy of the industry, and the pride of Atlanta.

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