Top 3 Kitchen Remodel Styles Trending in Georgia

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You're on trend with Georgia's top three kitchen remodel styles. Athens-inspired designs are hot, blending custom cabinets made of reclaimed wood and stone countertops. Atlanta's kitchen trends lean towards brown-stained cabinets, open shelving, and striking, steel-and-glass stove hoods. In Cummings, modern farmhouses are the rage featuring a neutral palette accented by local color pops, rustic elements, and vintage hardware. Opting for one of these designs will undeniably transform your kitchen. Want to know the intricate details behind these Georgia trends? Stick around a little longer for what's next!

Athens-Inspired Kitchen Designs

modern kitchen with grecian influence

Ever wondered how to infuse your kitchen with the vibrant, artistic touch of Athens, Georgia? Start your kitchen remodel with custom kitchen cabinets made from reclaimed wood. It's not just eco-friendly; it adds a rustic charm that complements modern appliances.

Choose stone countertops, like granite and marble, for a natural feel. These materials add warmth and texture, making your kitchen more inviting. Incorporate subway tiles for a design that's both classic and on-trend. They're easy to clean and reflect light beautifully, giving your kitchen a spacious feel.

Opt for a farmhouse sink. It offers a deep basin, perfect for washing large pots and pans. Plus, it's a charming nod to Athens' rural roots. Combine this with open shelving, allowing your unique art pieces and musical instruments to be part of the décor.

Light fixtures are key. Brass or copper fixtures cast a warm glow, enhancing the color scheme of beiges, soft grays, and muted greens. They capture the eclectic art community vibes of Athens, making your kitchen a space that's as unique as you are.

Embrace the Athens-inspired kitchen design. It's charming, sustainable, and perfectly in tune with the vibrant spirit of Georgia.

Atlantas Top Kitchen Trends

Shifting our focus away from the rustic charm of Athens, let's explore the modern sophistication of Atlanta's top kitchen trends. Here, the fusion of style and functionality is exemplified in remodel designs that capture the essence of the city.

Warm, inviting hues are making a comeback in Atlanta homes, with brown-stained cabinets leading the way. Complementing these are quartz countertops, offering a durable and stylish surface that's perfect for your culinary adventures.

Open shelving is another trend contributing to the urban appeal. It not only provides easy access to your dishes but also serves as a showcase for your beloved kitchenware. For stoves, steel and glass hoods are adding a sleek touch, ensuring your kitchen is as fashionable as it is practical.

Gravity-defying islands have also made their mark in Atlanta homes, creating a striking focal point. These innovative designs appear to float in the air, adding a touch of mystery to your cooking space.

Lastly, stone slab backsplashes are replacing traditional subway tiles, giving your kitchen remodel a luxurious and contemporary finish. Remember, each choice you make reflects your personality. So adopt these trends and transform your Atlanta home into a culinary haven.

Cummings Trending Interior Styles

cummings interior design guide

Amid the peaceful surroundings of Cummings, Georgia, the rise of farmhouse kitchen remodel styles are shaping the local interior design scene, intertwining rustic elements like reclaimed wood and vintage-inspired hardware with modern aesthetics. If you're planning a kitchen remodeling project, this is the trend you'll want to follow.

In Cummings, the modern farmhouse kitchen is a popular choice. Expect to see a blend of old and new, with a nod to tradition coupled with contemporary flair. You'll find a neutral color palette setting a calming atmosphere, with pops of color drawn from local Georgia flora and fauna.

Rustic elements are key in this design style. Reclaimed wood, a sustainable material that adds character and authenticity, is a must-have. Your cabinets, countertops, or even island could showcase this beautiful material. Vintage-inspired hardware is another common feature, adding a hint of nostalgia to the otherwise modern design.

The trend in Cummings is clear: farmhouse kitchen remodels that are eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and rooted in local culture are all the rage. So, get inspired and let your kitchen reflect the beauty of Georgia's interior design trends.


Whether you're in Athens, Atlanta, or Cummings, the latest kitchen remodel trends in Georgia are nothing short of fantastic. These designs are sweeping the Peach State like a culinary tornado, mesmerizing everyone with their blend of aesthetics and functionality. They're not just kitchens, they're show-stopping masterpieces that bring cooking to an art form. So, immerse yourself and welcome these trend-setting styles, as your home deserves nothing less than the best Georgia has to offer.

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